Buying Vallejo paints

Lest we forget

Day 60

It’s BIG!

The PBY Catalina is BIG.

My homemade Sky Type S was too bluish.  I then found a 20 years-old jar of Tamiya XF-21 which is exactly what I needed and gave it a try using a paintbrush.

I have come to realize that I need to use an airbrush instead because the PBY Catalina is so BIG.

BIG is beautiful.

So I bought these Vallejo paints Saturday morning at my local hobby shop.

Source Vallejo Website

71.053 Dark Sea Gray

71.302 Sky Type S

71.309 Dark Slate Grey

Matt acrylic colors, water-based and especially formulated for airbrushing. The Model Air color range contains the most complete selection of the military colors used in recent history, including the colors of WWI, WWII and up to the present. Each color is based on extensive research by our experts of the existing and previous military references so as to offer the modeler the highest possible historical accuracy. Model Air is used directly or diluted with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver. It is recommended to first prime the surface, and then apply Model Air in several layers. The colors dry very rapidly and form a homogenous paint film of extraordinary resistance while preserving even the smallest detail of the model. For airbrushing these colors, the compressor air pressure is recommended at 15 – 20 PSI or 0.5 to 1 kg. Model Air can of course also be applied with a brush. For correct airbrush maintenance we recommend using the Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner.

Safety: Model Air is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Please see also certified safety information of the product on the Safety page.

Packaging: Model Air is presented in bottles of 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container, so that It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.


My figurines have made more progress since.

The fuel tank has been completed and installed.

They are now working on the left door.


There is an option. Door closed or door opened. Having options and noticing them after is what caused me to build the wrong version of the Bedford MWD Light Truck.

I love it anyway.

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