Airfix Albion fuel bowser – High Expectations and Frustration

Lest we forget
Day 65

I had become quite frustrated when I was building Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb and its nemesis the Bf109E in February 2020.


This tells it all…

Large gap!

What was Airfix thinking when they engineered it that way?

This is the link to one of the posts I wrote sharing my frustrations…

Progress report – High expectations

And a few images taken from that post.

As modelers we always want to strive for perfection.

So I had high expectations when I started building these two model kits…

I felt the same frustration after completing the Bedford MWD Light Truck and the Albion fuel bowser.

Too many parts in my own humble opinion.

I still have another Ready for Battle model kit I had bought in 2017…

Ready for Battle 

I don’t think I will build this a near foreseeable future, but then maybe I will since I have found these images where the Bedford and the Albion are seen.

I never connected the dots until now!

It will make a nice addition to the diorama I will be building for Gerard Pelletier’s niece.

On another note…

I still have the unbuilt Hawker Hurricane Mk I, lots of tiny paint jars, two tubes of cement and two paintbrushes.

Looking ahead after finishing the D-Day diorama, I wonder what I will be building next. I know I should be finishing what I already have started: painting and glueing tiny aircraft carrier planes on three aircraft carriers…

USS Yorktown

USS Hornet

USS Saratoga

…a BIG PBY Catalina…

…a Hawker Tempest…

…and a F9F Panther…

I should be learning by now to finish what I have started because I get easily overwhelmed by the tasks ahead.

2 thoughts on “Airfix Albion fuel bowser – High Expectations and Frustration

  1. scottfw 2 July 2022 / 15 h 15 min

    Re: « to finish what I have started because I get easily overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. »
    In my case, I used to finish what I started but in the recent decade and a half, a health decline has caused a similar feeling of overwhelm. And I do not like that but do not know how to fix it, parallel to how it is not yet known how to fix my health.


    • Pierre Lagacé 2 July 2022 / 13 h 06 min

      Thanks for coming by…

      Liked by 1 person

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