Pilots man your planes… Progress Report 8

Saturday morning shots…

I had no visitors yesterday on My Forgotten Hobby V.


Using a setting solution was a prerequisite to speed up adding decals especially for the fuselage sides…

I noticed Saturday morning there were more decals to be added than I first thought. All the planes had insignias on their starboard side. I have added those to the TBD Devastators.

Then some more were added to the F4F…

As I wrote before I had set up my tablet to work on my build while watching CFL football.

Late evening I was able to finish up adding decals.

Next time painting canopies.

Pilots man your planes… Progress Report 7

Friday morning shots…

Adding tiny decals is time consuming. I have twenty-four 1/700 scale planes to work on: 4 TBD Devastators, 12 SBD Dauntlesses and 8 F4F Wildcats.

I need to add 48 more decals to the fuselage and 24 to the underside.

After, canopies will be receiving a coat of silver paint. Once done, planes will get a clear coat and be glued to the flight deck.

I spend too much time on TV during summer time watching CFL football and Major League Baseball. I could have been working on my forgotten hobby during commercial breaks…

So with that in mind…

This is my new set-up.

My old Samsung tablet is now part of my workbench where I can watch Blue Jays baseball and CFL football.

Pilots man your planes… Progress Report 6

Back on the workbench yesterday after a three-day vacation in Lévis, Quebec…

I didn’t do much visiting the place having to work on part of a book which needed to be urgently revised. 

Yesterday was spent on filing the planes before applying the tiny decals. It took a few minutes as I had visitors…

Grandchildren who have always top priority on My Forgotten Hobby V.

After leaving in the afternoon I was able to add some tiny decals on some of the tiny planes.




My Forgotten Hobby IV Revisited

Written when I started to build the Yorktown.

Original post

I always try to document what I am building.

Click here for a progress report.

This is what I found on a Website…


Naval History and Heritage Command has thousands and thousands of photos.

Description: Two Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless scout bombers of Scouting Squadron Five (VS-5) fly past the ship, during operations in the Coral Sea, circa April 1942. Planes parked on the flight deck, in the foreground, are Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat fighters of Fighting Squadron 42 (VF-42). Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the U.S. National Archives.
Catalog #: 80-G-11664

Description: Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless scout bombers preparing to take off, during operations in the Coral Sea, 18 April 1942. The first plane is from Scouting Squadron Five (VS-5). Note that it has no insignia painted under its starboard wing, and that the insignia below its port wing is much smaller than that on the next SBD. Man standing at left, just beyond the first plane’s wingtip, is Boatswain Chester E. Briggs, Jr. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the U.S. National Archives.
Catalog #: 80-G-10152

Description: USS Yorktown (CV-5) Bombing Squadron Five (VB-5) SBD-3 aircraft spotted forward on the flight deck, during operations in the Coral Sea, April 1942. VB-5 painted individual plane numbers on the engine cowling, as seen here. Scouting Squadron Five (VS-5) planes had the numbers on the wing leading edge. Courtesy of the U.S. Naval Institute, 1984. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.
Catalog #: NH 95571

The more you look, the more you will find useful information…

Title: Torpedo Squadron Three (VT-3) (In front, seated, left to right): (Second row, seated, left to right): (Third row, standing, left to right):

Caption: Squadron pilots, photographed Naval Air Station, Kaneohe, Hawaii, in late May 1942, just before the Battle of Midway.

Most of these men lost their lives in that action.

Those present include Ensign Carl A. Osberg, USNR; Machinist John R. Baker, USN; Ensign Oswald A. Powers, USNR; Ensign David J. Roche, USNR; Ensign Donald E. Weissenborn, USNR; Radio Electrician Werner I. Weis, USN; Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Richard W. Suesens, USNR; Lieutenant Patrick H. Hart, USN, Executive Officer; Lieutenant Commander Lance E. Massey, USN, Commanding Officer; Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Curtis W. Howard, USN; Lieutenant (Junior Grade) John N. Myers, USN; Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Fred C. Herriman, USNR. Machinist Harry L. Corl, USN; Ensign Wesley F. Osmus, USNR; Ensign Otho W. Schneider, USNR; Ensign John M. Armitage, USNR; Ensign Gerald R. Stablein, USNR; Ensign Leonard L. Smith, USNR; Chief Machinist’s Mate John W. Haas, USN; Chief Aviation Pilot Wilhelm G. Esders, USN. Courtesy of Captain John W. Myers, USN(Retired), 1985. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command
Catalog #: NH 95554

And then you remember some of the names…

Missing in Action – Battle of Midway – VT-3