PUTTY! Huh, Yeah! What is it good for?

Interesting tip for those ugly gaps.

Model Airplane Maker

Absolutely nothing!

Well, at least when it comes to dealing with massive gaps.

There was a time when I would gather my allowance and bottle return money and bike on down to the hobby store. Back then I didn’t care too much about what model I was going to get. Oh sure I longed for the big boxes on the tops of the shelves but that wasn’t happening with ten-cent bottle returns. Nope, I went for the value kits. The ill-fitting ones with dodgy decals and a plethora of gaps, steps, and misaligned halves.

Ahhh… Good times!
Image from magnusf over on the Kitmaker forums

At first, I lived with these imperfections. After all, most of my kits barely made it through the build without something going sideways. But then I started to get better. And then I cared a little more. And I stopped using these model airplanes to…

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Accurate Miniatures 1 :48 P-51A Mustang

This might be the closest I will ever get to the Academy P-51A model kit since it’s out of stock at JacHobby, my local hobby shop.


Luckily I was able yesterday to order it elsewhere.

Taking into account the price of gas getting to my local hobby shop and back, the $12 shipping rate from Alberta is what I would have spent on gaz in Quebec