Finding something to write about – Part 5

I should be driving to my local hobby shop next Saturday to get my hands on Tamiya’s P-38J.

JacHobby website

The P-51A is en route from Alberta and it should arrive on July 12…well I hope.

The P-51A might be the next build unless I choose another post-vintage Monogram model kit.

Having accepted that I will never stop buying model kits and never build all my collection, I will just enjoy my forgotten hobby and find something to write about it on My Forgotten Hobby V

I have started working again on Eduard’s Tempest and Monogram’s F9F Panther. This was Monday morning shot.

I still have to remember that errors made previously will lead to more errors and more problems when glueing parts like I encountered with the F9F ordnance.

The Tempest delicate rear wheel was broken. I fixed it with Clear Gorilla Glue.

I also added some more to the undercarriage to make it stronger.

You’re never too sure with delicate undercarriage.