Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk. I

Have a seat because this might take a long time.

This is a drone view when I started building Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk. I.

Since learning more about Jacques Chevrier I have decided to build the Hurricane part of Battle of Britain Ready for Battle.

Lee Walsh who is a researcher has spent countless hours documenting Jacques Chevrier’s record of service in the RCAF and the RAF.

Thank to Lee Jacques Chevrier will get all the recognition he deserves after 80 years being one of the “Few”.

Watching how this modeler had tackled Airfix’s rendition of the Hurricane I was confident to get a head start by clamping part B3.

The first problem encountered was that part B3 was warped.

I chose to cement the part with Tamiya quick setting cement not realizing I would be getting into trouble later.

I think trouble is my middle name…