Intermission – Operation Templates

Lest We Forget

Day 189…

With three of my grandchildren still visiting yesterday there was little progress made…

My granddaughter won!

My grandson, who is going to be 5 years-old in September, completed this Lego set.

No help from his grandfather…!

This is Tuesday morning shot before my granddaughter got up…the one who had beaten her grandfather at Clue.

Once they got back home I was able to make more progress.

Testing the templates…


Masking the underside…

I should be able to add the first camouflage color this afternoon.

Intermission – Cutting templates

Lest We Forget
Day 187…

There is so much I could write about but refrain to do so since Day 1.

Yesterday afternoon I had a flash while comfortably watching Blue Jays baseball on TV. I was interested because my brother was in Toronto with his son and had sent me these photos.

The Blue Jays were losing to the Angels so I wasn’t that interested and I had a flash…

Fast forward…

I had seen a modeler cutting out templates from a scanned image he had taken on the Internet. He was building a Hawker Hurricane also.  While still watching the game I scanned a page from the Hurricane instructions.

By trials and errors I made a 1/48 scale image on my computer screen.

I then used the screen capture function to have templates which I printed first in gray tones to check the scale.

Color templates were then printed.

I should be able to cut these out today while my grandchildren are doing their own handicrafts.

About the baseball game? Well the Blue Jays lost to the Angels…

You can’t win them all.

Intermission – Cutting corners

Lest We Forget
Day 186…

I have decided to repaint the Tempest with the right camouflage colors using my airbrush.

I have to stop cutting corners and stop going back and forth on what I am currently building.

Masking is done for the canopies but I will need to go back to JacHobby and get more Vallejo Air for the Tempest.

This will have to wait though…

I already have most of the paint I need for the Hurricane.

With masking completed I am waiting to spray on black primer later.

Creativity is the most enjoyable part of my forgotten hobby as well as getting around mistakes I have made since 2013.

We all make those don’t we?


There’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

About waiting to spray on black primer later?

Intermission – Masking

Lest We Forget
Day 185

Since Thursday I have been experimenting with masking canopies.

I have even been experimenting with a paper punch for the Hurricane windshield.

Just punch through a piece of masking tape stuck on a piece of plastic sheet.

Creativity is the most enjoyable part of my forgotten hobby as well as getting around mistakes we make. We all make those don’t we?

There’s nothing that can’t be fixed.


Intermission – About my aviation magazines – Take 2

Lest We Forget
Day 184

What to do with all my aviation magazines…?

I have decided to keep them all for now.

Getting back to my PBY Catalina, this is the Wednesday afternoon shot…

I had decided to work on the Tempest and the Hurricane canopy.

First the Tempest.

On Thursday morning I added a second coat of Vallejo sky blue with a paintbrush.

A third coat will be needed but it can wait.

There’s something more needing my attention right now…

My brother’s B-25 had a hard landing!


I told him it was safe to display it on a wall and he trusted me… Luckily there was little damage done.

I told my brother to pick up the small pieces and I will fix it the next time we meet in September or October.