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Lest We Forget 

Day 175

I always like to go back in time to see what I had written.

My Forgotten Hobby V might never have been written except for my loyal readers adding comments and fuel to my blog.

This is the first post on My Forgotten Hobby V written on April 23, 2022. I was working on Airfix’s Fuel Bowser which is now on my D-Day diorama, still waiting to be picked up by the son of a Canadian paratrooper who was in the first wave of the invasion.

Lest we forget Day 59 This is how I had left my loyal readers on My Forgotten Hobby IV. Progress was made Friday with these two steps. Precision fitting is crucial with assembling the Albion fuel bowser. Some parts are very thin and part D13 was quite fragile. . Fitting the fuel bowser cab needed […]

Welcome back

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