Intermission – Air Classics magazines – Take 2

Lest We Forget

Day 182

As I wrote last Sunday, I remember exactly where I bought my first aviation magazine.

This is the first Air Classics issue I bought in September 1965.

In 1965 the United States was fighting a war in Vietnam.

Here are some pages of what was inside the September 1965 issue.

Getting back to my PBY Catalina…

This is my Tuesday morning shot…

I was setting up my second workbench to tackle the Davis wing.

I then proceeded to the masking session which has been completed as you can see down here.

After lunch I embarked on the airbrushing session…

Some paint peeled off but I know the reason. Some parts did not get any primer on them especially the bottom of the cowlings.

Next I will think of a way to spray black paint for the deicing boots. I should have thought about it before…

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