ICM Bf 109F-4 – Take 5… All you need sometimes…

3 October 2022

Now I remember…

My Forgotten Hobby IV

Day 33 Lest We Forget

All you need sometimes is a good night sleep. This was my operation table early Sunday morning.

I was sure I would encounter more problems, and I did.

Everything was corrected.

I don’t believe ICM had ever tested this model kit before going into full production. I am glad I am not going senile or insane… With this reassurance I have used Tamiya primer for the first time.

There is always a first time.

The landing gear has been glued without any hassle.

I have tried Frisket paper for masking the canopy to see how it performs using a paintbrush instead of my airbrush.

There is always a first time…

I have decided to hit the pause button after experimenting on a camouflage.

I realized I needed more research and maybe use my airbrush.  I removed the green with rubbing alcohol.

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Clear Parts – Part 2

Day 221…

3 October 2022

I did some workbench cleaning Sunday morning and displayed which parts are left for completing the PBY Catalina.

That was done after I had glued the wings landing lights with Contacta clear glue.

I now know what lays ahead to complete my long waited memorial project. Some more decals will be added later keeping in mind when that happens to read the instructions that were provided.

Then I got thinking about what my new follower was saying…

I don’t want to say I am back again, but..

I also started work on a Messerschmitt BF-109 E3, but that one isn’t finished.

Do you remember this build I started I can’t remember when?

Stay tuned…