Unfinished business – Part 3: ICM Bf 109F-4

Day 224

Thursday October 6, 2022

On March 30, 2022 as the world was still watching in dismay what was happening in Ukraine, I was just starting a new project even if I had other unfinished business waiting.

It was Day 36 of a special military operation, but my day count was off by 6 days when I wrote it…

Day 30

Lest We Forget

Next build…

I paid a little visit to JacHobby, a local hobby shop in Laval, Quebec.

It was my first visit to their new location since they had moved four years ago. The older location was not easy to find being out of nowhere so the owner decided to move.

I found their new location using Google Maps. They had everything I wanted especially liquid plastic cement. The vinyl cutting mat was bought at Omer DeSerres.


My first impression is how small the model kit instructions sheet is.

I made this zoomed image to figure out how to assemble the parts in step 1.

Locating the part numbers is found elsewhere so you need to go back and forth.

This photo came useful later.

I proceeded cautiously with step 1 and I later realized something was strange when I got to step 2.

I should have checked the instructions more carefully. I had glued part C33 with part C34 instead of part C33 with part C35 and part C34 with part C36.

The arrow was what misled me.


So easy to get confused.

One more thing I have learned going on the Internet is that the cowlings won’t fit over the engine assembly!


Backing up a tad, I realized that I needed to install at least the basic engine block. I’d been told that there was no way to get the engine cowlings to fit well if the full engine was built. So I did the basic block and attached it to the cockpit section with the motor mounts provided. The lower mount braces seemed to me to be a tad shorter than what would be needed, and since they later broke loose, that pretty well confirms it. I used the engine to hold most of the interior bits while painting, making it quite handy in that regard.

I wonder if this is a fact or not?

Having spent an hour with step 1, I have decided to continue assembling the engine and see what happens.

Fast forward…

Since March 30, 2022 I have visited JacHobby several times and I have added a few more model kits…

I have decided to give it another try completing ICM’s Bf 109F-4 and I have started working on masking the front canopy.

Masking it worked well. However there was a problem with the middle part of the canopy…

I broke it in two!

However a solution was found in my spare box.

A canopy from my Airfix Me 109E-3 I had built in 2019 or 2020.

The canopy was protruding a little but it will do.


Unfinished business – Part 4 : ICM Bf 109F-4