Unfinished business – Part 5: ICM Bf 109F-4

Day 226

Saturday October 8, 2022

Saturday is the day I usually go to my LHS. Since I am writing this on Friday I don’t know if I will be going down to JacHobby.

On April 1st, 2022 I was wondering if I was going senile or not still building ICM’s Bf 109F-4…

This is what I had written…

ICM Bf 109F-4 – Take 4… Still following?

Day 32

Lest We Forget

Are you still following?

Now that’s what I call resilience. This was my operation table early Saturday morning.

And a few minutes later…

Following the instructions has become a nightmare as I am sure I will encounter more problems. But I want to find out if I can work around them.

I wonder if ICM had test this model kit before going into full production.

This is a gap I have fixed with a bit of plastic sheet without having to use putty.

I have glued the propeller to the nose and the nose to the engine.

Inserting it has caused some headache later.

Wings were glued without too much trouble.

Inserting the engine and glueing the cowlings did cause some headache.

Quick setting Tamiya cement and plastic putty proved quite useful.

Then I almost called it quit following these instructions.

I wonder if I am going senile or not…

Fast forward…

My ICM Bf 109F-4  now sits between my Airfix Me 109-E3 and my Revell-Monogram Me 109G.

I have long abandoned the idea of accessing to the next level with my forgotten hobby. Just have a closer look at this canopy.

Or the paint job…

I am using my airbrush for now on all my project.

I am totally satisfied with where I am right now using my airbrush and cleaning up everything after.

Light blue was airbrushed on Wednesday morning.

I am still undecided on the camouflage. I very much like the box art though.

But then I think I might have painted it with the wrong shade of blue…

I might also have to go back to JacHobby and get this.