Intermission – Serendipity

According to Wikipedia…

Serendipity is an unplanned fortunate discovery. Serendipity is a common occurrence throughout the history of product invention and scientific discovery. Serendipity is also seen as a potential design principle for online activities that would present a wide array of information and viewpoints, rather than just re-enforcing a user’s opinion.


I had seen that word before, but my curiosity was piqued by a virtual friend a few days ago who actually piqued my curiosity by sending me this link.

Love the shirt!

My Forgotten Hobby is a perfect case of serendipity when I found amateur airplanes, a blog about someone writing about his hobby.

amateur airplanes left the blogosphere in 2018 leaving its numerous followers not knowing what had happened to its creator.

Intermission – Keep On Keepin’ On | amateur airplanes

My comment is still awaiting for moderation and I feel the worst has happened.

Finding about amateur airplanes in December 2013 was when I started writing about a hobby I had long forgotten. I had forgotten the enjoyment of building model kits which was transporting me in the 1960s when my hobby was a way to shield myself from a disfunctional family.

Since December 2013 I have been finding new friends, although virtually, and I have learned a lot about myself. Building newer model kits can be quite challenging nowadays and I am sure we have moments when we ask ourselves why we keep on building model kits.

Then I get notified that a blogger I am following has posted something new on his blog about what he built.

And my curiosity is piqued once again.


Monogram PBY Catalina – Mating the wings

Day 230…

Wednesday October 12, 2022

I never thought I would be getting here on Monday.

Decals had been added last Sunday. Looking at what parts I had left Monday morning, I had problems with positioning the wing struts. I figured I had to mate first the wings to the fuselage.

I removed the paint on the parts to be glued together to have a solid bond.

Tamiya cement (with the white cap) was used on both parts and pressure was applied until I was sure the fuselage and the wings were joined.

Everything was then set aside for 24 hours with a sigh of relief.

Next time?