Monogram PBY Catalina – Tamiya A6M2

Day 231…

I don’t know how long I will keep up counting the days since February 24, 2022…

Thursday October 13, 2022

I was thinking how I could display the PBY Catalina like what I did with the Hawker Hurricane.

The Catalina could be glued on a picture frame and Saburo Sakai’s Zero would zoom over it like the Hurricane did over the CF-18.

Monogram PBY Catalina is so BIG and I have to find a way to display it to preserve the past.

Looking at what I had built last year…

I noticed something strange with the Zero’s landing gear.

Obviously the landing gear stance was bizarre.

The more I thought about how bizarre it was, I couldn’t help thinking of a way to correct the landing gear.

Cut the struts and reglue them? I forced them backwards and lo and behold they didn’t break off.

I smothered them with Clear Gorilla Glue and let everything set aside for 24 hours.

Then I tried my idea holding the Zeke over the PBY Catalina.

I will probably stick with that idea although in the story the Zero’s landing gear wasn’t be down and Saburo Sakai wasn’t the pilot in the cockpit.