Monogram PBY Catalina – Final assembly

Day 232…

I am still counting the days since February 24, 2022. And the more I think, I will be counting until February 24, 2023

Friday October 14, 2022

In the late 50s and the early 60s I would be playing with my model kits like any young modelers would. I remember playing with my Monogram SB2C Helldiver and dropping its bomb.

That’s probably at that time I got more interested in the Pacific War.

That’s why I built another one 50 years later and it’s now gathering dust.

I would probably buy another one and reminisce about the good old days.

I don’t think I ever shot at my model airplanes with a BB gun nor setting them on fire. Rather I would display them around the house. My mother had no problem with it nor did my father. They had other problems…

Since December 2013 I have been virtually playing with them on My Forgotten Hobby. I have cleaned them when my wife would pass a subtle remark that they were gathering dust or fixed them when my cats would be inspected them too closely. You know how curious cats are don’t you?

But mostly I would look at them and moving them around like I move around my collection of unbuilt model kits from the storage room to my workplace.

A few years ago I started displaying my completed model kits on picture frames bought at Michael’s when they were on sale.

I still have one picture frame left…

It’s now obvious how I should be using it.