Monogram PBY Catalina – What’s left…

Day 240

Saturday October 22, 2022

I had no comments yesterday, but I don’t feel my loyal followers have abandoned me…

I am now in the final stage and the end is on the horizon.

Taking pictures of the instructions shows what’s left to be done.

 I will never build another Monogram PBY Catalina so I have to take the time to enjoy every minute finishing it…

That image of the instructions was useful and I didn’t mess up glueing the front machine gun.

Then came the two fuel dumps which were tricky to install.

I glued the front and the back will be glued Sunday morning.

I will also be painting these parts below.

I have decided to add the radar and the depth charges on the PBY even if they were not carried on that faithful mission.

The parts had already been primed except for the depth charges which will have a coat of black primer.