Intermission – Resilience

Day 248

Sunday October 30, 2022

My forgotten hobby has been a learning experience I have been documenting since December 2013, and even more since February 24, 2022.

Sharing about what I have been building here was mostly about the fear of messing things up and taking bad decisions in a much smaller scale… 1/48 scale.

My forgotten hobby has been testing my resilience with ICM’s Bf 109F-4 since I wanted it to be a memorial for what has been happening in Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

One thing I haven’t learned is to get over mistakes I have accumulated and move on by building this model kit…

Wednesday the Bf 109F-4 had received its second coat of paint, and Thursday I wanted to see if the paint had effectively peeled off like it did a week ago.

I took this photo Thursday afternoon before removing the masking tape even if the last camouflage dark green coat had not been applied.

Taking photos helps remembering the decisions I make on the spur of the moment.

The paint didn’t peel off, but this is what happened… I saw that coming but I kept on removing the masking tape covering the landing gear.


I will never learn making bad decisions leads me eventually to mess things up again and again. However in this case I was able to fix that by drilling two holes and inserting a piece of stapple.

The landing gear was glued back and set aside for the glue to cure.

This is when I saw…

More yellow paint had peeled off under the wings and the engine…

Stay tuned.