Clear Parts

Day 220, and now it’s Day 3…

2 October 2022

The PBY Catalina is progressing well with the side blisters having been installed.

Last Friday I had started working with the clear parts. Glueing the side blisters necessitated some dry fitting before using Contacta clear glue.

After my trip to JacHobby yesterday I tried out Tamiya cotton swabs and I added a dab of silver for the wings landing lights.

The landing lights are different on this photo.

As you might have noticed my collection has grown with this unexpected addition…

When I saw it at JacHobby, I googled Academy TBF-1C on my cellphone and decided to buy it since the price was quite reasonable.

This is how it could look from photos taken on this forum.

On that forum, members talked about the instructions sheet being somewhat minimal and one member directed others to Wayback Machine to find the original Accurate Miniatures instructions.



I probably won’t build this one in the very foreseeable future, but at least I know what I am up against.

Sure you can go back

I had no intention to write yesterday on My Forgotten Hobby V, but when I saw this I was transported back in the 1950s.

This is what I posted on My Forgotten Hobby II a long time ago.

Little did I know back then…

The year is 1959 or 1960. I was playing in the alley behind the apartment building where I was living on Davidson Street in Montreal. There were some Popular Science magazines in the garbage. I picked them up and looked into them.

The January 1944 issue was like having an epiphany…

It was my first encounter with the P-51A, and there were lots more fighter planes I had never heard about except the Spitfire. In 1958 I was 10 years-old. So what does a 10 year-old kid do?

Cut the pages up? Of course I did!

Fast forward 63 years later…