Intermission – Post 205

Day 216

Sorry to being late this morning. I usually programmed for 5 o’clock in the morning.

There are very little things we can control nowadays.

Something we can do though is to plan ahead.

Planning is what I have not done with my hobby mostly because I get too overly excited.

2020 year-end review

The dopamine effect kicks in whenever I see a new model kit or someone blogging about it like Plane Dave or the Inch High Guy.

Intermission – Impulse buying?

I am still waiting to give my latest build to my son and have more space to display what I have built.

The PBY Catalina will have its final resting place and be solidly glued to a frame like the four carriers once I decide on the backgrounds.

My next build will be Tamiya’s P-38 I had promised my son for Christmas two years ago…

Time flies!

My latest addition to my collection – Tamiya 1/48 P-38 F/G Lightning




Intermission – Post 204

Day 215

I will spare Mike with the stats this morning.


Stats are not that important. Reminiscing is.

This is the draft display I will be working on later after I have completed the PBY Catalina.

All five aircraft carriers have been completed a few months ago. The USS Saratoga is just missing its airplanes. It will probably be displayed later when I build another model kit I have of the Saratoga.

Once that model kit is built this will be the only aircraft carrier in my unbuilt collection of model kits.

I will still have these two model kits though about remembering April 29, 1944.

But that’s another very long story…




Pilots man your planes… Progress Report 8

Saturday morning shots…

I had no visitors yesterday on My Forgotten Hobby V.


Using a setting solution was a prerequisite to speed up adding decals especially for the fuselage sides…

I noticed Saturday morning there were more decals to be added than I first thought. All the planes had insignias on their starboard side. I have added those to the TBD Devastators.

Then some more were added to the F4F…

As I wrote before I had set up my tablet to work on my build while watching CFL football.

Late evening I was able to finish up adding decals.

Next time painting canopies.

Pilots man your planes… Progress Report 7

Friday morning shots…

Adding tiny decals is time consuming. I have twenty-four 1/700 scale planes to work on: 4 TBD Devastators, 12 SBD Dauntlesses and 8 F4F Wildcats.

I need to add 48 more decals to the fuselage and 24 to the underside.

After, canopies will be receiving a coat of silver paint. Once done, planes will get a clear coat and be glued to the flight deck.

I spend too much time on TV during summer time watching CFL football and Major League Baseball. I could have been working on my forgotten hobby during commercial breaks…

So with that in mind…

This is my new set-up.

My old Samsung tablet is now part of my workbench where I can watch Blue Jays baseball and CFL football.

Pilots man your planes… Progress Report 6

Back on the workbench yesterday after a three-day vacation in Lévis, Quebec…

I didn’t do much visiting the place having to work on part of a book which needed to be urgently revised. 

Yesterday was spent on filing the planes before applying the tiny decals. It took a few minutes as I had visitors…

Grandchildren who have always top priority on My Forgotten Hobby V.

After leaving in the afternoon I was able to add some tiny decals on some of the tiny planes.