Displaying the Hurricane… Part 4

Wednesday 21 September 2022

On Day 210 of a special military operation still raging on, and winter on the horizon…

Tuesday morning shots…

The display is now complete.

I will be departing from it soon.

Next on my to-do list is to work on the Hawker Tempest…




Displaying the Hurricane… Part 4

Tuesday 20 September 2022

On Day 209 of a special military operation…

Monday morning shot…

The wooden dowel had been glued on the bottom wing. My next step was to see where to put the Hurricane using Blue Tack.

I used this image of a model found on  Model Airplane Maker Facebook page as a background. 


The Hurricane was finally glued in place with bottles adding support while the glue sets.

Once everything is solidly cured I will dust up the display before giving it to my son.

Displaying the Hurricane… Part 2

Sunday 18 September 2022

On Day 207 of a special military operation…

Sunday morning shot…

This is the idea I had before going on a cruise… 

I will be mounting the Hurricane on a piece of wooden dowel and then add it to this memorial of George Nadon.

George Nadon had been immortalized by this quote…

Girlfriends and beers…

Google that and I will be back tomorrow. I still have a few parts to glue before and some weathering.

About the cruise?


Entre 1845 et 1849, une grave famine décime l’Irlande. Plusieurs dizaines de milliers d’Irlandais s’embarquent alors pour l’Amérique du Nord sur des voiliers souvent conçus pour le transport des marchandises. L’entassement est tel à bord des navires qu’il favorise la propagation du typhus, une grave maladie contagieuse.

Ainsi, en 1847, environ 85 % des 100 000 immigrants qui se dirigent vers Québec par le Saint-Laurent sont des Irlandais, souvent affaiblis et malades. La station de quarantaine de Grosse-Île est débordée et le bilan de l’été est très lourd: plus de 5 000 immigrants sont inhumés dans le cimetière de l’ouest. Les décès se comptent par milliers à Québec, à Montréal et dans plusieurs autres villes.

Pour les Canadiens de descendance irlandaise, Grosse-Île incarne le souvenir douloureux d’un épisode marquant de l’histoire du pays.



Between 1845 and 1849, famine wreaked havoc in Ireland. As a result, tens of thousands of Irish men and women embarked for North America on sailing ships which often had been designed for transporting cargo. Quarters on board the ships were so cramped that typhus, a serious contagious disease, was able to spread unchecked.

Thus, in 1847, approximately 85% of the 100,000 immigrants on their way to Québec City via the St. Lawrence were Irish; all too often, they arrived sick and weak. The Grosse Ile quarantine station was overwhelmed. By summer’s end, the death toll was very high: more than 5,000 immigrants were buried in the island’s western cemetery. In Québec City, Montréal and several other cities, disease victims numbered in the thousands.

For Canadians of Irish ancestry, Grosse Île is a painful reminder of a tragic chapter in our country’s history. 



Displaying the Hurricane…

Saturday 17 September 2022

On Day 206 of a special military operation…

I had this idea.

Mounting the Hurricane on a piece of wooden dowel I had used before in 2018 on my Monogram P-38 Lightning.

P-38 Update

Fond memories…

Reliving the past is what this blog is all about.

Speaking of reliving the past does my rendition of my Monogram CF-18 pique your curiosity?


Taking pictures…

Friday 16 September 2022

On Day 205 of a special military operation and Day 4 of troops still regrouping…?

I know I take a lot of pictures on My Forgotten V.

This is Thursday morning shot.

Taking pictures serves a purpose…

Checking what I have missed and what needs to be corrected. This way I don’t go back and forth like I have been doing constantly.

A case in point is the Tempest interior which hasn’t been completed yet.

Same for my massive PBY Catalina which begs to have its Davis wing attached to the fuselage.

This will have to wait. There are still a few touch-ups to be done, decals and lots of weathering…

It’s not time to mate the wings permanently.

The Hurricane now has all its decals.

It’s waiting for an idea on how to be displayed.
I think I have a bright one.

Stay tuned…

Testing… And the fear of messing up everything – Part 4

Thursday 15 September 2022

On Day 204 and on Day 3 of some troops regrouping somewhere…

On Wednesday morning I had used Blue Tack to alleviate my fear of losing the Tempest canopy parts.

My massive PBY Catalina finally got its final clear coat after.

There are still a few touch-ups to be done and lots of weathering.

The Hurricane is now complete and it’s waiting for more decals.

Stay tuned…

Testing… And the fear of messing up everything – Part 2

On Day 202 of the special military operation in Ukraine which seems isn’t going as planned…

Time for forging ahead with the idea I had of using highly diluted Tamiya clear coat with a paintbrush.

The upper Davis wing got its first coat Monday morning. Before I had went full blast on the Hurricane and the Tempest.

I will probably regret doing the Tempest but I will live with it.

The canopy hasn’t been painted yet with its camouflage color.

I’m sure I will find a solution.

Stay tuned…

Testing… And the fear of messing up everything

On Day 201 of the special military operation in Ukraine…

Time for testing the idea I had.

Procrastinating, I had cleaned up my workplace first.

Once the workplace cleaned I had decided to make homemade paint thinner using a recipe I had found on the Internet.

Water, isopropyl alcohol, retarder and flow aid.

Water 250ml…, Isopropyl alcohol 156ml…

3.5ml each of flow aid and retarder.

I then tested highly diluted Tamiya clear which I bought I can’t remember when.

The test was done on this plastic card which had been used to test my airbrush.

I finally gave a coat on the Hurricane.

And then I became fearless…

A second coat will be added later and the Davis wing will receive its first coat.

Intermission – Unvieling

Lest We Forget
Day 195…

The second coat was airbrushed Sunday morning after I had dry fitted the templates.

I had decided to catch up on the Hurricane and move on with my hobby.

I let everything dry for 2 hours and the time was right for the unveiling.


After I dry fitted the canopy and I saw I had forgotten to mask part of the windshield.

Easily repaired.

This is Tuesday morning shot…

The Hurricane is in its final stage…