ICM Bf 109F-4… Decals and more

Day 251

Wednesday November 2, 2022

Building model kits since the late 50s has been a self-soothing experience. Listening to music is also soothing. People should listen to music more often…

Intermission Milk’n Blues – Smooth Operator + Secret (Sade + Madonna)

Wednesday morning shots…

The Tempest finally got its final clear coat. I had some leftover highly diluted clear coat so I completed that build.

The Bf 109F-4 got some decals in the morning and it will soon be a thing of the past.

The countdown will then begin for the P-38.

I still don’t know if I will document that build, but “Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come, in yours and my discharge.”…


Final footnote…


Intermission – Bf 109-F4: Sleeping on it…

Day 237

Wednesday October 19, 2022

Sleeping on it is sometimes the best thing to do, but I couldn’t wait.

I used a soft bristle paint brush with Vallejo Gray Primer to go over some areas.

Yellow identification markings had been added before to the Tempest using a Tamiya cotton swab and Vallejo yellow paint. I skipped airbrushing although I had masked the wings leading edges.

Not perfect but it will do.

It still needs a few touch-ups using Tamiya cotton swabs but this will have to wait.

I will now get back to the PBY Catalina and complete it. Displaying it will come later.

Which brings me to reflecting on what I have been saving all those years with all I have been building.

Why do I keep all this? Is all this useful!

I have thrown away most of my model kit boxes, but I keep saving the instructions sheets of model kits I have built. Some I still have but most I don’t have anymore like Monogram F-104.

Have you been saving this kind of stuff?

Tempest on the horizon… Part 2

Friday 23 September 2022

This is Post 200 on Day 212 of a special military operation. I’m so glad to be alive this morning…

See you in the morning was what crew members would say instead of Good luck while going on an operation. I’m not making this up.

See You in the Morning

The Tempest got its first decals Wednesday morning.

A little more on Thursday morning.

And a little more on Thursday night.

Since it’s the first time I am building an Eduard model kit, I wanted to know how the decals would react.

And they reacted fast, releasing quickly and I was afraid of messing up. I had to go slowly with the rest of them. I still have a few more.

My Tempest will represent Pierre Clostermann’s plane whose book Le Grand Cirque was inspirational when I was in the 7th grade.

This book was the inspiration that led me 50 some years later to write Souvenirs de guerre.

Les origines de Souvenirs de guerre





Tempest on the horizon… Part 1

Thursday 22 September 2022

On Day 211 of a special military operation, things are now getting pretty serious with someone having a panic attack…

I’m not the one having it though.

The Tempest is now on the workbench and things should go according to plan.

The cockpit interior was painted and the canopy was glued with Contacta clear glue.

I have skipped a few parts in the process. I did a quick weathering with highly diluted black acrylic paint and I added more weathering to the PBY Catalina.

Nothing fancy…

Decals should be what I am planning next if we are still around on Friday…

See you in the morning…



Displaying the Hurricane…

Saturday 17 September 2022

On Day 206 of a special military operation…

I had this idea.

Mounting the Hurricane on a piece of wooden dowel I had used before in 2018 on my Monogram P-38 Lightning.

P-38 Update

Fond memories…

Reliving the past is what this blog is all about.

Speaking of reliving the past does my rendition of my Monogram CF-18 pique your curiosity?


Taking pictures…

Friday 16 September 2022

On Day 205 of a special military operation and Day 4 of troops still regrouping…?

I know I take a lot of pictures on My Forgotten V.

This is Thursday morning shot.

Taking pictures serves a purpose…

Checking what I have missed and what needs to be corrected. This way I don’t go back and forth like I have been doing constantly.

A case in point is the Tempest interior which hasn’t been completed yet.

Same for my massive PBY Catalina which begs to have its Davis wing attached to the fuselage.

This will have to wait. There are still a few touch-ups to be done, decals and lots of weathering…

It’s not time to mate the wings permanently.

The Hurricane now has all its decals.

It’s waiting for an idea on how to be displayed.
I think I have a bright one.

Stay tuned…

Testing… And the fear of messing up everything – Part 4

Thursday 15 September 2022

On Day 204 and on Day 3 of some troops regrouping somewhere…

On Wednesday morning I had used Blue Tack to alleviate my fear of losing the Tempest canopy parts.

My massive PBY Catalina finally got its final clear coat after.

There are still a few touch-ups to be done and lots of weathering.

The Hurricane is now complete and it’s waiting for more decals.

Stay tuned…