Accurate Miniatures 1 :48 P-51A Mustang

This might be the closest I will ever get to the Academy P-51A model kit since it’s out of stock at JacHobby, my local hobby shop.


Luckily I was able yesterday to order it elsewhere.

Taking into account the price of gas getting to my local hobby shop and back, the $12 shipping rate from Alberta is what I would have spent on gaz in Quebec

Sure you can go back

I had no intention to write yesterday on My Forgotten Hobby V, but when I saw this I was transported back in the 1950s.

This is what I posted on My Forgotten Hobby II a long time ago.

Little did I know back then…

The year is 1959 or 1960. I was playing in the alley behind the apartment building where I was living on Davidson Street in Montreal. There were some Popular Science magazines in the garbage. I picked them up and looked into them.

The January 1944 issue was like having an epiphany…

It was my first encounter with the P-51A, and there were lots more fighter planes I had never heard about except the Spitfire. In 1958 I was 10 years-old. So what does a 10 year-old kid do?

Cut the pages up? Of course I did!

Fast forward 63 years later…