Intermission – Post 203

Day 214

The special military operation has entered in a new phase…

285 hits

This is how many times I was hit on My Forgotten Hobby V since I decided to follow up on My Forgotten Hobby IV.

I think I enjoy My Forgotten Hobby V even more than trying to build all that I have collected since I went wild and bought more model kits in 2019 and 2020.

Blame this on a child’s memories.

The late 1950s was a period of my life filled with innocence. Building model airplane kits later was a way to travel back to those years of innocence.

Now, each time I see someone building a model airplane on the Internet or on YouTube, I go back in time whether it’s a plane I first saw an image in a book or something I saw in a hobby shop.

My favorite hobby shop in the mid 1960s was Westmount Hobby Shop 4926 Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal.

This is what I found on a newspaper page published in 1964.

This was something I wrote about nostalgia a long time ago on the original My Forgotten Hobby.

Nostalgia – Westmount Hobby Shop revisited

Westmount Hobby Shop is not there anymore. It was where I was buying all my Profile Publications which I still have and I would hate to depart from.

I rarely consult them with the advent of the Internet…

Scale Modeler Magazines I wouldn’t mind departing from them although my brains tells me not to do it.

Letting things go is hard to do. This is why there will probably be a My Forgotten VI when I will exceed my upload limit on WordPress.

I have used only 70%.

Until then, here is more of my collection of Profile Publications bought at Westmount Hobby Shop in the mid 1960s and early 1970s.

Letting things go like keeping leftover decals, spare parts, instructions sheets and boxes is also hard to do.

Next Intermission…?

How to display my five aircraft carriers?