Intermission – Scale Modeler

Lest We Forget

Day 177

Buying magazines was a BIG part of my forgotten hobby before the advent of the Internet.

Nowadays scale modeling magazines take a second seat to modelers posting what they are working on or have completed like Plane Dave and One High Guy.

My Forgotten Hobby might have never seen the light of day without Amateur Airplanes who is nowhere on the Internet anymore. He has left the blogosphere in May 2018.

I still have my old issues of Scale Modeler. I stopped collecting them after December 1979 when my daughter was born, so my collection ended about that time.

I hate to throw away all the issues I have kept for more than 40 years… I know I will never forget myself for dumping them in the recycling bin.

As a grandfather with six grandchildren, I can’t see passing along my collection to them.

I have seen their passing interest when their grandfather have shown them his forgotten hobby.

Next time what to do also with my collection of Wings and Airpower magazines?