1/48 Monogram F9F Panther – Comments

Lest We Forget
Day 87

Saturday morning shot…

I tried using Windex again this morning to see if it might work.

It doesn’t. Vallejo Airbrush thinner took off just a little paint so I went back to isopropyl alcohol which works better and is a lot cheaper.

No more time today to take more paint off.

However I got two comments yesterday with tips that I will surely follow…

First comment…

Ouch. Incompatible paints?

Second comment…

That dreaded orange peel! You are either airbrushing the primer to thick (you need to reduce it with a compatible thinner) or spraying from to far distance (so by the time the atomized particles reach to model surface, they are already dry(ish)). I hope my comment helps you to find a solution and achieve the surface finish you are looking for.


1/48 Monogram F9F Panther – Pause?

Lest We Forget
Day 86

 Did I say time for a pause…?

I can’t handle a pause.

This is how my F9F Panther looked like… A gray orange peel after I had used a primer with my airbrush.

With sea blue that was added the F9F Panther looked like a blue orange peel.

I had to do something yesterday using isopropyl alcohol.

More this morning… I tried Windex and Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner, but isopropyl alcohol works better.

The bottom doesn’t look too bad though and maybe won’t need the same treatment.


1/48 Monogram F9F Panther – Bottoms Up

Lest We Forget
Day 84

 Isopropyl alcohol… I don’t drink it! I use it to remove acrylic paint.

I have removed the paint so the cement will hold the attachment points solid.

This is one trick I have yet to forget.

About forgetting something… I should remember not to start another build before completing all I have already started.

Eduard Hawker Tempest Series 2 Weekend Edition

Monogram PBY Catalina

ICM Bf 109F-4

Next time…

Bottom’s up!

1/48 Monogram F9F Panther – Looking ahead

Lest We Forget Day 83

As the geopolitical world is ever changing I would be remiss if I didn’t post something on My Forgotten Hobby V as a way to remember how the world is still forgetting how wars doesn’t solve anything.

Having the F9F Panther staring at me Sunday morning was enough incentive to start working on it.

I had forgotten to open up the holes in the lower wings before cementing them to the upper wings so I had to figure out where to drill the holes.

I guess I will never learn from my mistakes just like I did when I painted the wheel wells and the landing gear doors and had to scrape the paint after.

I have glued all the bombs.

Two have been positioned.

The rest will be added later.

1/700 Tamiya Hornet – Looking ahead

Lest We Forget
Day 82

Sunday morning shot…

I had found a way to glue the tail-sitting B-25s by using a template made of masking tape to locate where to drill small holes onto the carrier deck.


All B-25s are finally glued. The USS Hornet is now at berth with the others.

Looking back before looking ahead, that build might never have been built.

This is what I had written last January.

I have finally assembled all the parts.

I am glad I did not abandon ship last week.

The next step is how to paint it using all the reference I can get.

I colorized this photo to get in the mood.

This is where I am at right now with a freehand camouflage.

Touch-up will be done later.

The B-25s are tail sitter and they will be glued later.

Next time…?

Testing Vallejo Metal Color with a paintbrush on the F9F Panther.


1/700 Tamiya Hornet Doolittle Raid Diorama Ship Full Build

Lest We Forget

Day 81

Day 81, not Day 82, of the “special military operation” in Ukraine. At last I finally got the number right.

This is what got me all excited last January…


I have found a way to glue the tail-sitting B-25s. I am using a template made of masking tape to locate where to drill small holes onto the carrier deck.

Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle is taking off right now.


Tamiya 1/700 scale USS Hornet – Update

Lest we forget
Day 81*

Note I know it has been 80 days since the so-called special military operation, but I won’t update 80 previous posts.

I did not intend to post everyday on My Forgotten Hobby V, however February 24, 2022 had to be remembered.

Last January I had decided to dive head first and build Tamiya’s USS Hornet. Sometimes you decide to dive head first and find out things didn’t go the way you thought it would.

I had encountered many problems while building this model kit and I almost called it quit.

Source of the above image


The Hornet has now joined these four aircraft carriers.