Intermission – Bf 109-F4: Sleeping on it…

Day 237

Wednesday October 19, 2022

Sleeping on it is sometimes the best thing to do, but I couldn’t wait.

I used a soft bristle paint brush with Vallejo Gray Primer to go over some areas.

Yellow identification markings had been added before to the Tempest using a Tamiya cotton swab and Vallejo yellow paint. I skipped airbrushing although I had masked the wings leading edges.

Not perfect but it will do.

It still needs a few touch-ups using Tamiya cotton swabs but this will have to wait.

I will now get back to the PBY Catalina and complete it. Displaying it will come later.

Which brings me to reflecting on what I have been saving all those years with all I have been building.

Why do I keep all this? Is all this useful!

I have thrown away most of my model kit boxes, but I keep saving the instructions sheets of model kits I have built. Some I still have but most I don’t have anymore like Monogram F-104.

Have you been saving this kind of stuff?

3 thoughts on “Intermission – Bf 109-F4: Sleeping on it…

  1. a gray 19 October 2022 / 5 h 36 min

    What you have been saving all these years, Pierre, is both absolutely useful and important. I wonder how many others have such archives.

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    • Pierre Lagacé 19 October 2022 / 6 h 59 min

      I haven’t save everything. I can’t find the B-24 instructions sheets I had built a few years back.
      I can believe I threw it away.


  2. mike w. 19 October 2022 / 10 h 56 min

    According to my wife, i never throw anything away. That’s mostly true.


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